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Aunt Annie's play-based learning page

This page has links to all my activity suggestions, original children's stories and music ideas, plus thoughts on play-based learning philosophy.  

Note that several of the blog posts appear under more than one heading, because my posts can have many parts; sometimes you'll have to search through the post for what you want.  Enjoy!

Relationships with other parents and carers

Changing people's minds about ways of caring for children


Rainy day play

Making story time engaging

Putting on a show

How to run a great mat time

Cleaning Mr Crocodile's teeth

Social skills: anger management

Story-writing for preschoolers- yes, they can do this!

Engaging little boys with literature

Open-ended use of stencils (the dreaded multiple-copy worksheet)

How to extend children's play

Road safety activities

Including music in your activities

Observing babies' play

Taking risks, making rules

Breaking clean-up time into manageable pieces

Cultural and inclusion awareness

Aboriginal story and activities for NAIDOC Week

Boys who play with 'feminine' toys

Anti-discrimination story for Valentine's Day 

The Easter Story, without religious bias

Aboriginal song 'Inanay'

Aspergers/ASD inclusion story

Prejudice-busting stories about different family structures (sexual preference/gender identity)

Thoughts on Mothers' Day

Music and songs

Why it's worth including music

Bumblebee funny handwashing song

Crossing the road song

Early childhood music for non-musicians (including transition songs)

Free stories and scripts

Sleeping Beauty- a play

Sorry Day- Australian history for preschoolers

Valentine's Day inclusion story- same sex relationships

Puppet show script: dental hygiene 

Puppet show script: anger management

The Easter Story for mixed religion groups (JUST the story, no pressure to believe)

Being Friends with Bodie Finch- an ASD inclusion story

Two family structure inclusion stories- one with transgender parent, one with same sex parents

Talking about death: a story

Early Childhood philosophy

Water play

Learning from children

Thinking about risky play

What children learn through physical risks

Including our own culture

Interpreting the EYLF and play-based learning

Stencils are not the Devil Incarnate

The best thing about play-based learning

Play-based learning is not a free-for-all!

Why you should stop 'saving' children

Thoughts about the learning environment

The importance of risky play- and some unexpected benefits

What we want for our children- is the EYLF the answer?