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Aunt Annie's behaviour management page

Here are some links to my past posts about behaviour management. Hopefully you can find something to help you in here!  I'll add more links to the page as I write new posts.

Is your child disobedient?
Remember that obedience doesn't equal respect.

Sometimes children are misbehaving because we aren't meeting their needs. Have you considered that your problem child might be gifted?

Or are you asking the child to do something that contradicts what their body is telling them? This happens most often in connection with sleep and eating.

Maybe it's peer pressure causing problems.

Is your adolescent driving you crazy? Maybe you've forgotten what it's like to be that age. This will remind you. Or take yourself back to being an adolescent yourself by writing your teenage self a letter of advice.

Or are you having trouble with how they react when you say no? Are you having trouble with constant whinging and whining?

Conversely, are you having problems because you can hear yourself nagging all the time?

Is your child telling lies?

If you're smacking your child for misbehaviour, you might want to read my views on physical punishment. (You won't get judged here. We're all human.)

Maybe you're having a problem with violence. If you're not sure what to do when a child hits or hurts another child, this is the page for you. (If it's your child, and you're a smacker, I'd urge you to read the previous link on physical punishment as well.)  Not sure what to say when a child fights with a peer or sibling? Try this.

If your child is showing a lot of anger, there's a page on anger management for children.

If you're dealing with a very reactive child, here are some tips on walking the right line so they don't blow up.

If you're always fighting about clean-ups, this is the page for you. And if you're feeling like an unpaid servant, also this one.

If it's all about rudeness and bad manners, try this one.

Some of us have to deal with the difficulties of step-parenting. I think there's something in this post to benefit any co-parenting relationship.

Are tantrums the problem?

Are you having problems coping with normal toddler behaviour?

Is your child biting?

Are your kids (or their parents) complaining that you're not being fair? I have some fairly left-of-centre thoughts on being fair.